Re: Transparent applets?

Jacob Berkman wrote:
> Tester <> writes:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'd like to know if its possible to write transparent applets like the
> > buttons can be made transparent, in which the panel background is
> > visible? If yes, how?
> With the 1.1.x panel you can get an rgb buffer of your background so I believe
> you can have transparent applets.

It is definitely possible, I am working on adding tranparency support
to the clockmail applet, well, it was working, but then I decided to
convert to gdk-pixbuf for all the graphics manipulations.. but now it
crashes, if only ElectricFence wasn't always catching a bug in the
gtk/gnome/popt init function somewhere (iconv) :(, I might be able to
make more progress.

This brings up two things:


A panel "do_draw" signal bug, here is the patch for applet-widget.c:

--- applet-widget.c.bak	Tue Mar  7 15:36:05 2000
+++ applet-widget.c	Tue Mar  7 15:36:39 2000
@@ -1439,7 +1439,7 @@
 	*w = image->width;
-	*h = image->width;
+	*h = image->height;
 		*rowstride = image->rowstride;

2) What is the best way to render a portion of one GdkPixbuf onto
another while applying the source's alpha channel? I made up my own
func, but is one already available, maybe in libart ?


John Ellis <>

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