ANNOUNCE: libglade-0.12

I have just released libglade-0.12.  It is available from:

Here is the list of changes:
- fixes for GtkHPaned/GtkVPaned.
- handle progress bar attributes.
- dock layout should save correctly now for GnomeApp widgets.
- handle non stock menu icons in GNOME mode.
- added glade_xml_get_widget_prefix() function to get all widgets
  whose names start with a certain prefix.
- added glade_xml_signal_connect_data() function that connects a
  named signal and allows you to specify the data argument.  This
  is a simple wrapper around glade_xml_signal_connect_full.
- bonobo support from Michael Meeks.

Libglade is a library that can be used to dynamically load interfaces
created with glade.  Once the interface is created, there is pretty much
no CPU overhead compared to hand coded interfaces.



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