Best method for large animating pixmaps


I'm writing a breakout clone for GNOME, and I'm wondering which would be the
best method to impliment the actual graphics in. The game will:
 - Probably be running at ~20 fps minimum
 - Have animated objects. The pixmap for the ball will probably change every
   frame to simulate rotation, and the blocks will be animated randomly.
 - Rock. But that mainly depends on whether you like breakout as much as I do :)

I've already fleshed out a good deal of the game code, and it's not heavily
dependant on GNOME, so changing graphics methods will be relatively easy. I was
going to impliment it using gnome-canvas, but I can't seem to find a way to
destroy/free a GnomeCanvasItem.

In summary, what I'm asking is this:
 - What's the best way to impliment a rapidly changing playfield in GNOME?
 - If it's gnome-canvas, how do I destroy a GnomeCanvasItem?


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