Re: window-in-window MDI

Jaka Mocnik wrote:
> 1. yes, window-in-window MDI is annoying, unintuitive and a waste of
> screen real estate. I completely agree with this one.
But a lot of users are used to it. So why not let them have it?

> > In any case this change should have gone by the mailing list before
> > being committed.
> sorry. I'll keep this in mind. I just thought that this issue was
> settled on long ago.
Topics as this _never_ settle ... :-)

> let the discussion begin... 
I'm _definetly_ for including wiwMDI into GNOME. Even if I will never use it,
I know a bunch of people who will, and I think it is not right to deny anyone
his special way of obscuring his own screen.

so: this one is a :GO:

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