Re: window-in-window MDI

# > Essentially WiW would add another field to the GnomeMDIMode enum.  Apps
# > that don't want to use WiW are free to not use it.  IIRC, the only way
# > an application could come up in WiW mode is (A) if the app explicitly
# > sets itself to WiW mode, or (B) if the app is in DEFAULT mode and the
# > user chooses the global WiW option.
# > 
# > John
# So apps are capable of specifying WIW mode?
# No. Please. Let's move on and not keep this awful UI alive.
# btw. That means you have to support it forever, otherwise apps that
# demand it will break.

Finally! An argument against WiW for real reasons.

Okay, I'll concede on this point. If applications are capable of forcing
this mode, and thus it cannot be removed in future releases, then it's

For any of you who were wondering, I wasn't arguing for WiW because I like
it, or for the sake of it, but because I hadn't seen a good argument
*against* it yet (other than those along the lines of "it's horrible", "it
sucks", or ones which were factually incorrect).

Right, can we put an end to this now? :)

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