Re: window-in-window MDI

* Mo McKinlay ( wrote:
> # > See how it goes against all that is X and UNIX?
> # 
> # 	Hehehe, I never realized WiW was the end-all be-all of Satan.
> # 
> # 	Funny.
> One could argue that a user-friendly GUI that novices can sit down and use
> with little or no previous experience is going against all that is X and
> UNIX, but that's what GNOME, KDE and others are all about.
> Not that I'm saying everything to do with X and UNIX should be trashed -
> there wouldn't be a whole lot of point in doing any of this if that was
> the case ;-).

So you go away and patch the windowmanagers, and X.

Then you can implement it *proplerly*, in a consistant and usable

Until then, please let's not put a dirty hack into gnome-libs.

Jaka: well done, you did a good job on the code, I am not knocking
that. But it doesn't belong. It is a hack and you *must* know that.
Ask the wm-spec list, or any wm author or X maintainer.

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