Re: window-in-window MDI


Tom Gilbert <> wrote:
> to be provided. Especially when it is Wrong. 

It is justifications like that which worry me - one of the reasons I like
GNOME (but more specifically GTK) so much is that I get to control
everything. I regularly tweak the themes I use to suit my tastes. To have
someone come and tell you your tastes are "Wrong" is very worrysome.
I don't need an HCI expert to tell me what I do and don't like, I know
myself what features I like and which ones help me work better. I don't
particularly like WiW, but there are some situations where I do find it
Tabbed MDI is what I tend to use, but it's annoying if you want to compare
the contents of twodocuments as you have to keep flipping between them.
Multiple toplevel windows can get quite confusing if you have lots of
windows open on the desktop - window groups certainly help improve this, but
not all window managers support them and they don't reduce the "clutter"
None of the MDI modes are really that good, I find it's one of those "least
of the evils" situations, which is a shame.
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