Re: GNOME 2.0 steering committee.

>  will gdk-pibuf 1.0 allow apps to SAVE images rather than just loading them?  Is
>  that a planned feature?

I will allow for a really simple and dumb PNG saving interface.  David
Welton sent me a patch for this, so I have to integrate it into the
CVS tree.

>  Is Eye of GNOME app still waiting for gdk-pixbuf (working on the core) rather
>  than the features still?  It is nice and quick now...zoom works, etc.  Just hope
>  to see next / prev / delete / slideshow, batch conversion, etc. someday.

EOG is waiting for me to have free time :-)  For the next version I am
rewriting the zooming/scrolling mechanism so that it will be faster.
Image catalogs are still planned; if anyone would like to start
working on them, I would love to talk about it.

Thanks for your interest,


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