Media Library, pt. 2

Okay guys, I believe that the conversation has gono a bit offtrack...

So far, we have talked about how to make a media library... This is all well
and good, but we need to figure out _what_ the media library should do - if
we don't get this right, we'll end up with YAML (Yet Another Media Library),
so - dudes - give me some input... I've got quite a bit for myself, but I
need some more input :
So just a few questions to get the juice flowing:

* Should we make a filter graph based system ? If not, what else ?

* Should we make some sort of Media Server CORBA Service that app's connect
to, or should each app run in a vacuum ? What are the pros / cons ?

* How much of the internal structure should be revealed to application
developers ? Should we make simple & complex interfaces ?

* Should distributed media processing be at the core of the system, or left
for someone else to implement on top ?

* How much control should an app be able to take ?

* What about device control ? (apparently Apple has this in Quicktime)

* How should we balance felxibilty / simplicity ?

I have lots of opinions on this, But I'm not telling yet - so give me what
you've got...

Keep Coding. Always.

B.t.w. I also spoke to someone from Eazel at the conference (can't remember
name)... They said that they were looking at media as well.... Does anyone
out there
know anything about this?

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