Re: Gnome Media Library

> # 	Can we call it "OpenML"?  It would go with OpenGL and Loki's
> # OpenAL... :)
> We could be cheeky and call it OpenX, with OpenDraw, OpenShow, OpenPlay
> and OpenSound components :-)

	AAAAAaaaaaarrrrggghhh!  :)

	Seriously, though, if some real collaboration with Be does take
place then the scope of this project will expand far beyond Gnome.  The
market is ready (or rather, in need of) a cross-platform,
pluggable-architecture-based open media API.  We should get in touch with
Loki, Apple, SGI, the KDE folks (and others?) and think about starting a
consortium for an open media standard.  (Something that's neither
Quicktime nor DirectX!)

	Of course, Gnome would have the "reference implementation" :)


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