Re: Media Library, pt. 2

Derek Simkowiak wrote:

> 4) Technical design issues: I, personally, have no experience with a media
> architecture.  I don't know where Corba would go, or how much of our API
> would depend on the different Codecs, or what level (hardware wise, and
> such) the API should operate at.  Could this API be used to control DVD
> players?  Video tapes?  DATs?  3dfx-accelerated cards?  Etc.  I guess this
> to-do item boils down to finding experienced people.  Be can really help
> out with this.

Some Be "Media Kit" documentation can be found at:

Some of this seems out of date, but after their March 28 release, anyone
should be able to get their hands on Be.

The Java Media Framework is another media architecture developed jointly
by Sun and IBM. See,


Nick Collier
Social Science Research Computing
University of Chicago

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