Re: BeOS, GNOME and Multimedia (fwd)

In case any of you are wondering what the e-mail I recieved from Jean
Louis said (I don't think it's been quoted to the list yet) here it is:

# Thanks.  I'm circulating your message to the team, here.  Personally, 
# I'm unable to judge the feasibility, I'll let sharper minds look into 
# it, I'll just add the idea is attractive.  Reducing the number of 
# balkanized APIs can only help everyone.


As you probably figured, it was in reply to a message I sent him (which is
far too long and boring to copy here). I'm sure you'll all agree his
response is nothing short of promising, despite being a little on the
short side :-)

Apologies to anybody to whom this looks like re-covering the same ground -
I thought quoting Jean's message would be of interest to folks out there

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