Re: Idea

On Fri, Mar 24, 2000 at 01:42:16PM +0100, Martin Oberzalek <> said
> Yes it works. 

So it does.

> I wrote such kind of client - listener communiction support.
> I used the X properties/client messages to support that feature.
> It uses XAtoms and shared memory to communicate.
> How it works:
>  The "client" application has a function which can be called from any
>  other application. To register this function an XAtom message is
>  send through the XServer.

I'm guessing you mean that you set a property on the window.

>  All aplications which want to use the function are getting a
>  structure with the pointer to a shared memory where the name
>  of the function is stored; and a callback function.
>  If the callbackfunction is called a X-message is sent
>  back to the client application where the real callbackfunction
>  will called.

Couldn't it all be done with properties or CORBA, shared memory has the
problem of only being accessible to clients running on the same machine.  

> I attached a well working example with that message...
> Can that be a gnome feature? Is that the right way?
> Any thoughts?

It works okay, but as I said above, it uses shared memory, which has
limitations.  I'm not sure but there might also be some portability problems
with shared memory too.  

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