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On Fri, Mar 24, 2000 at 03:53:04PM +0000, Michael ROGERS wrote:
> >> 1) The client message should contain the text of the menu item, not its index.
> >
> >I couldn't find out how to send a client message with an allocated memory.
> >The XClientMessageEvent has a fixed size, thus the name of the menu item
> >would be limeted to 10 chareacters :-(
> Could the client use an array of atoms (corresponding to strings - the
> client would create the atoms when it creates the menu) instead of an array of 
> strings in its menu property? I think that's how you use atoms, anyway - to 
> stop strings being passed around all the time. Then the window manager/taskbar
> uses the (fixed size but unique) atom in its client message. The window
> manager/taskbar needs a way to translate the atoms back into strings to
> display the menu, though - is that possible? Atom/string is just a key/value
> pair stored in the server, right?

Yes that's posible; Good Idea. With the message the key of the Atom is sent.
And the listeners uses the XGetAtomName function to get the string.

But there are 2 Problems: 
 * This is not very fast. shared memory is much faster. (try "xlsatoms")
   But the Property - technic also won't be faster. (But there i can 
   store the whole structure of my functions and strings).
 * The Atoms (our allocated strings) will exist until the XServer is 
   shut down.

And of course this will only work on the actual XServer.

> >What we need is GNOME wide message system!
> First person to say "CORBA" gets to reply to the first person who says "isn't
> that a bit heavyweight for this application?"  ;)

I really think that such a system wide message system can be useful.
But a kind of copy of the XMessage system with user data possibilities.
hmmm... Something like an abstract of the Interprocess Communication...

But I will hide all the corba stuff from the user. It should be
something like this:
   send_message( gnome_app, type, subtype, size, data );

Is this a dead end, or can this be useful?

I'll start reading the CORBA documentation. *g*


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