Re: libglade and gettext

You can get glade to output a header file containing all the translatable
strings that you can use xgettext on (you don't actually have to compile
the header into your app).  Just go to the project options dialog and
tell it to output this header on the libglade options tab.

If you initialise gettext for your translation domain (ie. call
bindtextdomain and textdomain), libglade should take care of the rest.



On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Andy Kahn wrote:

> If I use glade to generate an XML (.glade) file, and then use libglade
> to read the .glade file to create my widgets, is there a way to have
> the text strings within the .glade file be gettext'ized?
> The only solution I can think of is taking that .glade file, and then
> manually translating the text strings withing it.  ugh.
> thanks,
> --andy
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