GOB (GTK+ object builder) 0.93.1 released (new mailing list)

What is GOB:

Very simple preprocessor for making GTK+ objects with inline C code so that
generated files are not edited.  Syntax is inspired by Java and yacc or lex.
The implementation is intentionally kept simple, and no C code parsing is
done.  Besides that, it's really cool and you should use it and stuff.

This is just a versions with a bunch of fixes and few minor improvements.

ALSO: there is now a discussion mailing for gob, to subscribe send mail to
minimalist@5z.com with the subject of "subscribe gob-list".

What's new in 0.93.1:

	* accept 1 word types
	* gob.m4 improvements (Eskil)
	* minor fixes, and improvements

Where to get it:

	* http://www.5z.com/jirka/gob.html
	* ftp://ftp.5z.com/pub/gob/ (tarballs)
	* ftp://ftp.5z.com/pub/gob/RPM/ (redhat packages)
	* ftp://ftp.5z.com/pub/gob/DEB/ (debian packages)


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