Re: PROPOSAL: Gnome administration tool

Relatively new to gtk+ programming but I don't mind helping in any way I
can, including writing documentation for your project if required.


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Subject: PROPOSAL: Gnome administration tool

Gnome Unix Administration Tool

This discussion seems to have died, so I consider
it useful to make a proposal.

1. Form a core development team responsible for the main design.
2. Design issues include user interface; centralized registry or not;
   API for plugin modules in Perl, Python, Guile and C; GNORBA/bonobo
   support; local and remote configurability.
3. Design and feature analysis of existing tools:
   a.) linuxconf
   b.) gecco
   c.) webmin
   d.) tools provided by several distributions
4. Contact gecco people for possibly joining forces.
5. This tool probably belongs to the Gnome core. Contact Gnome
   steering comitee. Miguel?
6. Prototype includes main functionality, e.g. sysvinit, inetd.conf...
   Exact functionality to be discussed.
7. Once API sufficiently stable, development of additional plugins
   delegated to module developement team composed of independent
8. From the beginning, compatibility for main platforms
   (Linux, BSD, Solaris) should be ensured.

I see a real need for such an application, and would gladly
participate if enough people agree to form a project.
Comments are welcome, concrete offers even more.



Gérard Milmeister <>
Tannenrauchstrasse 35
8038 Zürich

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