Re: icon management in GNOME

oliver wrote:

> ok, I should have noted that this is a WM not GNOME thing. Now, more
> specifically, I am using Helix dist. with sawmill as windows manager,
> going through the options in "sawmill-ui", I didn't get any clue of how to
> make it happen, does it mean I can't have it done through sawmill or I
> missed something here?

Nope, you've missed nothing.  Sawmill is kindof made to work with GNOME, so
you're expected to use the GNOME taskbar.  If you REALLY want an icon box (icky
things), try Enlightenment, since it has that and a lot of other features you
won't need.  ;-)

You could write an add-on for Sawmill if you wish.  I'm sure lots of people would
like that.  Or possibly create an application for GNOME that did that... You
could take the tasklist and remove the applet specific stuff and ya, modify it
slightly... ya...

Would any of the GNOME people like to give that a try?  If people like icon
boxes, but don't want the bloat of E, it'd be a good project!  :)

Sean Middleditch

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