Re: Gtkhtml 0.1 (II)

    Hassan>  Ok, I fixed the bonobo.h problem by just copying this
    Hassan> file over to /usr/include from bonobo.tar.gz.

  Phew, it was actually a Bonobo RPM packaging problem then.  Miguel?

    Hassan>  Anyway, gtkhtml compiled and all and I then recompiled
    Hassan> gnome-python packages with --with-gtkhtml and all went
    Hassan> well.

    Hassan>  But then when I try to execute the example in
    Hassan> the gnome-python examples I get the following which looks
    Hassan> like a gtkhtml problem to me.

  Hm, I know absolutely nothing about the Python bindings, but it
looks like gnome-print is not linked in when importing the GtkHTML
shared library, for some reason.  I am not sure it's GtkHTML's fault
in this case either.

  Maybe James has more insight on this problem?


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