Re: Doubts creating new Objects

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Manuel Clos wrote:

> Don't know ;). Perhaps poor design: it's not the way GTK Object System
> works.
> It can be harder to read. Also it's better to cast objects if it means
> easier debug AND there is no perfomance lost in production code.
> I only need to hear about the debug settings you told me. If there is
> only
> a bit extra typing and no perfomance loss (in production code), I would
> be
> very happy to write programs in C and casting everywhere :).

You can turn off GtkObject cast checking by defining GTK_NO_CHECK_CASTS
when building the application.  I am not sure of the performance
difference though.

You can also disable assertions by defining G_DISABLE_CHECKS.  These two
will turn off a lot of the checks, and will result in some speed up.

However, in a lot of cases if there is a bug in your code, rather than
spitting out a warning, it will just segfault, so I am not sure if it is
best to turn off these checks.


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