opaque gdk-pixbuf

on 3/29/00 5:36 PM, Federico Mena Quintero at federico@helixcode.com wrote:

> I am very inclined towards making GdkPixbuf an opaque structure, so
> use the accesors; they are your friends :-)
> (My un-committed copy of EOG already uses the accessors, FWIW)

As you may recall, I strongly advocated making GdkPixbuf opaque.

I am worried about one thing, though. The icon caching in Nautilus depends
on being able to get at the ref count of a GdkPixbuf to see that it's ref is
the only one. So I'd really like an accessor to see the ref count, even if
that's normally not something you'd want to do.

    -- Darin

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