project of the week website.

hi GNOME lovers,
Miguel and I have discussed this yesterday and we _really_ 
need someone to setup the folowing.

We need a "projects webpage". This webpage has to list a bunch
of simple projects into which people can step in easily.
This webpage has to be integrated in the new GNOME website
(in GNOME cvs, checkout cvs module gnomeweb-wml. You need wml on
your machine to test it. debian users: 'apt-get --install wml')

So, if you are interested, please mail me: 
and cc miguel:

What we need to be able to do:

1) GNOME hackers must be able to add new entries in the database
themselves through the web.
To do so, you must have at least a simple certification system
with passwords. So, you have to have an email adress which ppl
can mail and ask for a password.
The new entries should not be automatically added to the website
but they should need a small manual thing to get them inside so
that you can have a last review on the things which get into it.

2) users have to be able to browse the list of entries by package
name (alphabetical order), difficulty level order, amount of time

3) main webpage should list the latest addons.

4) Later, we will also need to have on the webpage a pointer 
to the main, longest, most difficult projects. If you complete
one of those, you will be rewarded with a email 
alias :)

5) packages need to have the folowing fields:
	- package name.
	- where to get the package sources (gnome cvs, sourceforge or
	- email of a contact person for the project who can give more 
	details and take decision to merge it into the main source 

	- description of the project.
	- estimation of the amount of time needed.
	- estimation of the technical difficulty.
	- pointers to documentation needed to complete the project.

Best regards,

Mathieu Lacage,
ch 224, 212 Rue de Tolbiac, 75013 Paris, France

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