Re: drawing text and GdkPixbuf

Darin Adler <> writes:
> Here's the situation. I have a GdkPixbuf. I want to draw some text and
> overlay it on top of the existing stuff in the pixbuf within a particular
> rectangle. How can I do that? Can I create a GdkBitmap and draw into that
> and then composite that into the GdkPixbuf somehow? Is this whole thing just
> a misguided X novice problem?
> Do I have to suck fonts out of the X server like the GnomeCanvasText canvas
> item does?

Something gruesome like that, yes.

You might draw to a bitmap; copy to one-bit GdkImage; then for each
pixel in the image, if the pixel is set, write a pixel to the pixbuf.


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