OK, another pre-super-ultimate-alpha version of Update.py is available
at members.xoom.com/aweplay/freeware/update.py/index.html

This version correctly detects the version and package of most files
(gnome-hack_1.0.1-1.tar.gz still confuses it, could the maintainer
please change that to the more generally accepted
gnome-hack-1.0.1-1.tar.gz, please?), detects the files you already have
downloaded and their version, compares versions so you don't download an
older copy of a package than you already have, and does some other

Put this script in the directory containing all your GNOME tarballs, and
python update.py

Use the parameter -check to make the script tell you what it WOULD do
(it won't download/overwrite anything)
python update.py -check

The update.py file by default looks on the server ftp.gnome.org in the
directory /pup/GNOME/stable/latest/source/

These can be changed with the -server and -dir options, or editing the
file's default values.

Future version will be able to recursively look in directories for
files, so you don't have to use the outdated latest directory.  Also,
the script will check the extension type (do you only want rpms,
tarballs, etc.), and it will install files.

Um, oh ya, thanks everyone who helped me with the regular expression
stuff, I learned a lot.

Lemme know what you guys think, and please BACK UP your tarballs before
trying this,just in case I screwed up somewhere.

Sean Middleditch

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