RE: Build glitch: gnome-print-0.19 fails to build on Solaris 2.8

Bob Bell wrote:
> On Tue, May 16, 2000 at 04:50:08PM -0400, Zach Frey <>
> > The problem is that gnome-config is broken when using Solaris'
> > /usr/bin/tr, and fails to properly pull out values from
> > So, there's apparantly some difference between Solaris tr and
> > GNU tr.
> >
> > -               up_name=`echo $1 | tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]"`
> > +               up_name=`echo $1 | tr a-z A-Z`

>     The two version you describe are equivalent when using normal
> English language, and both may be fine in this cases.

Theoretically, yes.  Emperically, no.  :^)

So my phrasing was wrong; instead of saying "gnome-config is broken"
I should have said "Solaris tr is broken."

>    You may want to bug Sun to update their tr.  FWIW, Tru64 also supplies
> an older 'trbsd'.

Probably, but I would also like GNOME to "Just Work" on Solaris, even
with their broken tr if possible.  It seems to be possible using the
POSIX notation.  Is there any reason (non-POSIX tr on supported system
environment) not to simply use the POSIX way within gnome-config?


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