Re: Adding translations (Re: ANNOUNCE: gnome-pim-1.1.91.tar.gz is available)

> (Russell Steinthal) writes:
> Thanks for the info.
> > * Improved translations... We're probably going to freeze for 1.2 in
> > the next few days, so try to get any new translations into CVS as soon
> > as possible.
> Please note, it should be allowed to add translations at any time;
> esp. to frozen branches.

Right... To clarify, I meant freeze in the sense of "roll the tarball".  You're welcome to keep putting changes in, but if they are committed after I run make dist, they're not going to make it in.  (GNOME 1.2 tarballs need to be ready by Saturday night, and since I won't be available Saturday, I may make the tarball on Friday afternoon (New York City time).)


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