Re: Helix GNOME packages for Debian available for testing.

Le Thu, May 18, 2000 at 05:36:35PM -0400, Nat Friedman ťcrivait:
>     We have heard your call and finally, we have answered.

I've not yet checked your work, but I want to thank you right now anyway.

But i'd like to know how you're planning to work for the future. I'd like
that we merge our work between Helix & Debian. Can we decide a strategy
to do this ?

I think that we could put the debian directory in the Gnome CVS. You put
the debian directories provided by Helix Code, and the Debian maintainer
would update what's needed (debian/control, debian/changelog) and would
check what other differences there are in order to merge them if needed.

There's still some questions left, for example, Debian has some patches
for some Gnome packages that are not integrated in the upstream sources,
I don't know if we could put them in debian/patches in CVS or if we
simply keep them in our .diff.gz without interfering with the Gnome CVS.

And regarding the BTS, I think that it would be cool if we could choose
one or the other. Or keep both, but then it would be cool that you check
our BTS too ... ;-) Normally a good maintainer would forward the bug to
the upstream author anyway but that's not always the case.

Any comments ?

Hertzog RaphaŽl -+-

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