Re: Encoding for gnome-core/panel/panel.hints

George <> writes:
> > That's definitively needed.  Editing the multilanguage file
> > gnome-core/panel/panel.hints with a regular Editor (even with
> > Emacs/PSGML) is not fun.  I just tried it.
> well pane.hints just happens to be the only thing doing hints right now.
> It is a bit too late to change this for this release.  So nowtofigure out a
> way to make apps that install a single .hints file and apps that would
> install many depending on language work correctly.  I guess gnome-hints when
> it finds an xxx.hints file could first see if $LANG/xxx.hints exists before
> reading it in.

We just have to get a good UTF8 editor up and running. ;-)


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