Re: Audio...

-> >> If there are any developers that need audio sound bites for their apps, I
-> >> might be able to help.
-> > 
-> > I'm sure we'd be interested in the basic desktop sounds [...]

	This is totally offtopic, but my nostalgia has the better of me...

	What about a standardized Gnome desktop "Startup" sound, that is a
digitization of the original Amiga 1000 12-note "audio test"?  Anybody
else remember that?  It was so cool... digitized stereo sound from a
*personal computer*, and in 1985(!) no less.  (I won't even go in to the
lighting-fast graphics, superb multitasking, excellent graphics/sound, and
later video, editing software... oops, too late.)

	Anyhow, I have an old 1000 (from the pre-Commodore days, it has
the signatures of the designers on the inside of the case :) sitting in my
closet.  I'd be happy to digitize it, if anyone cares, and if it still

	Oh man, the memories... playing those cool Psygnosis games,
downloading demos from Britain, running Caligari...  *sniff*


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