Re: Audio...

-> > closet.  I'd be happy to digitize it, if anyone cares, and if it still
-> > works.
-> I'm pretty sure (read >99%) that GNOME wouldn't be able to redistribute it.

	Things to consider:

1) Commodore is now out of business (what happens to trademarks?) 

2) I'm not sure that particular sound was ever trademarked.  It played
(IIRC) even before the video system came up.  It was in the ROM of the
machine itself, and I *think* the A1000 came out before Commodore got the
rights to it (and subsequent Amigas did not have that sound).

3) There's a good chance that the current copyright owner might be an Open
Source fan (as so many Amiga people now are), and that a license is
obtainable for cheap/free.

-> But I'm not saying that someone can't recreate it, provided its a scale
-> or a tone burst.

	It would be pretty cool to have an orchestrated version of that
sound...  It was fairly fast, you'd probably want a staccato(sp?) trumpet,
or maybe violins.  Or better yet, a harsh electric guitar sound!  Maybe we
could get Trent Reznor to do a version of us.

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