Re: start / run a program only when logged in as root

 I have always wanted to ask that question.

 Ok, say you got the root password: example with (I think the name is correct), what next?

 How do you change to root user? How do you check password?

 A small example would be nice. Something in Python?

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On 5/24/00, 6:51:29 PM, Sean Thomas Middleditch 
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only when logged in as root:

> Adam Sleight wrote:

> > linuxconf will not start if your not logged in as root.
> > same with rpm won't run without being root.
> >
> > What is involved (details) of how to require the program to be 
executed only as
> > root.  Currently this program runs under any user but that is not 
ideal since
> > it'll probably screw it up.

> Check the user ID (getuid () or something like that, check the man 
pages) and see
> if it is 0 (which is root's UID).  Also, you could setup PAM files so 
that when
> you run the program, PAM will ask for root password and run the 
program as root,
> which is cool, is makes it a LOT easier to people too lazy (or too 
much of
> computer novices) to open up a terminal, run su, then the command.  
GUI's are
> fun.  ^,^

> Anyways, something like, in pseudo code

> if getuid () != 0 then
>    nonRootErrorFunctionThingyButPleaseUseAShorterName ()
> endif

> Wow.  That's the first time I ever wrote pseudo-code.  I don't think I 
like it.
> ~,^

> Sean Middleditch

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