A problem with my Goad

  I'm trying to add CORBA to my first Gnome application and am hitting

  I've copied bits of the CORBA stuff from gmc and also had a look at gtm.

I call:

  v = goad_server_register (CORBA_OBJECT_NIL, ElvisPrivate_server,
          "IDL:Elvis:ElvisPrivate:1.0", "object", &ev);

and get '0' returned - is that correct? No CORBA exceptions are triggered.

Should I see something in goad-browser? I don't - how to I go about trying
to track down the reason?

On the client side I do:

  ElvisPrivate_server = goad_server_activate_with_repo_id(
  if (ElvisPrivate_server==CORBA_OBJECT_NIL) {
    g_message("Couldn't talk to elvis server\n");

No exception is generated, but a NIL is returned.

So what are my next steps to debugging the problem? Are there any tools to
monitor the conversations with the GOAD?

This is my first attempt with CORBA/Goad - so please go gently!

Suggestions welcome.


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