Fixed: My CORBA problems (explanation and questions)

  I just wanted to say that I have fixed the CORBA issues I was having
over the last couple of days; I thought it right that I should explain the
issues I think I had to others on the list who are new to it, but I also
have some questions on the correct way to do things:

I had fundamentally misunderstood what GOAD did - I'd presumed that a
call to goad_server_register would make my server available to everyone
else.  That is not the case - you must have a .gnorba file (see
/etc/CORBA/servers/) describing your server before you can resolve it with
goad_server_activate_with_id (even with the flags

I'm not sure why this is true - after all if I declare it with
goad_server_register and there isn't a .gnorba file couldn't something
somewhere make a note of it incase anyone else asks for it?

My question is this: What is the 'correct' place to install .gnorba files.
It seems /etc/CORBA/servers is the main place; however I cna preusme that
I might have individual users who want to build my app and install it for
there own use, or in a local directory for a few people in a group and
don't have access to /etc.  I've put it in a directory in my home
directory for the moment and set GNOME_GNORBA_PATH; but presumably there
is some form of standard I can use in an installer???

(Corrections/answers please)

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