Re: Applet Memory Usage

You're overreacting. This has been asked many times, and I think its in 
the FAQ - but since that stuff is 'somewhat difficult' to find (i.e. its 
not blatantly obvious whete the FAQ is (hint hint GDP folks)) I will 
awnser this question :)

Anyway - almost all GNOME application/applets/whatever use 'shared 
memory' - so its not really taking that much memory. There probably is a 
much more 'technical' description, but this is basically what it means :)

On Mon, 29 May 2000, Sean Thomas Middleditch wrote:

> I was taking a look at gtop and noticed that panel applets take (what
> I consider to be) humungous amounts of memory.
> tasklist: 4476k
> modemlights: 3912k
> mixer: 3900k
> gproc: 4408k
> deskguide: 4092k
> I mean, this is ridiculous.  Netscape only uses 3672k (well, not
> including the it requires, which is like 15 MB, but oh
> well), Abiword uses 5496k, and Sawfish only uses 3116k.  Why would this
> tiny and rather simplistic applets take more memory than my web-browser
> or my window manager?  Why do they almost match my word-processor with a
> large document loaded?  Is this some kind of shared memory issue, or is
> there some problem with the way applets are handled that make them eat
> so much memory?
> Anyways, I'm using Gnome 1.2, except for libgtop, since the libgtop that
> comes with Gnome 1.2 isn't compatible with the gtop that comes with
> Gnome 1.2 (or so the compilation said).
> Sean Middleditch
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