Re: Respecting standard X options (diatribe)

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, David T. Bath wrote:

> Hang on a moment while I don my asbestos suit....
> How many of you recall the output of "man X" ?
>      Finally, most X programs accept a  command  line  option  of
>      -display displayname to temporarily override the contents of
>      DISPLAY.  This is most  commonly  used  to  pop  windows  on

Well, you should be able to use the --display argument, but due to a bug,
that won't work from gnome applications.  The popt parser in libgnomeui
converts all the standard gtk command line arguments to --opt=value form
and passes them to gtk.  Unfortunately, gtk wants the display option in
the "--opt value" form, so ignores it.  So the environment variable is the
only way to set that option for gnome programs.


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