I am writing to you in order to recommend
 " www.3dnauta.com" (Better in Explorer)
It is a new problem-game, with two versions, one of them is accessible
to most people (Easy games).
The other (Hard games) can be made difficult exponentially.
It is spatial and topologic.  It has a Spanish, French and English version in the web.
But it could be translated into any language (it is only formed by about 30 words)
Being three-dimensional it is applied two-dimensionally. (Paper and monitor)
It is much more difficult and infinitely more varied than the Rubik cube, which
couldn’t be adapted  for paper (or monitor)
It has different applications. One of them is that of  “starting gun”: all players set off,
or they can do it, at the same time.
In time the game’s orbital space station will carry advertising.
The game has a very good graphic quality. It can turn into a cryptologic and
topologic contest . It has a great purity and will turn into a traditional and classical game.
I offer you a lively and intelligent collaboration by means of
made-to-order problems. (Easy to start...)
Yours faithfully,
 Ulises Sarry

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