Re: Extending the GNOME system (ideal)

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Alan wrote:

> Disclaimer: While I am a progammer, I'm not a GNOME/bonobo programmer, so some
> things here might simply not be possible.  Also, I'm working off of a discussion
> that occured in a car first thing in the morning, so I might be talking out of
> my butt :)
> Anyway, the discussion went something like this.  Gnumeric does a good job of
> using various bonobo components to create text, graphs, do spell checking, and
> so on.  Why not make an entire app out of that.


Nautilus pretty much does this type of thing. It doesn't take care of one
compound document with a bunch of objects inside, but that is really
impossible to do in a generic manner. The "MS Word inside MSIE" example
would work fine with Nautilus, though.

-- Elliot
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