Re: [Nautilus-list] cut/copy/paste

You know, after thinking a bit more about it, maybe this should be something
incorporated into the mainstream Gnome libraries, not just in Nautilus.  It would
be nice if any kind of data could be placed in the clipboard (files, text
fragments, images, image fragments, sound bites, etc.) and any application could
access them non-linearly.  You could write a panel applet front-end to it and
Nautilus could have a sidebar front-end also.



John Sullivan wrote:

> on 11/10/00 6:56 AM, Ali Abdin at aliabdin aucegypt edu wrote:
> > * Jon Allen (joncallen hotmail com) wrote at 12:54 on 10/11/00:
> >> Ben Ford wrote:
> >>>
> >>> Why not add a container to the panel on the left (sorry don't know >what
> >>> it's called) where files would go while in limbo.  You could >either drag
> >>> files to the container or right-click -> cut/copy.  This >would allow a
> >>> multidimensional cut+paste history, it wouldn't have to >be linear.
> >>> Perhaps the default when you did a right-click -> cut, >right-click ->
> >>> paste would be linear, but you could also open the >clipboard component and
> >>> drag files/text fragments/images/etc out of
> >>> it.
> >>
> >> A good example of similar functionality is in M$office2k - Word has a
> >> 'Clipboard' toolbar, which accepts multiple cuts/copies/etc, which you can
> >> then choose to paste from.  This can be very useful.
> >
> > I think the Eazel folks expressed their dislike for the "clipboard" style of
> > cutting/copying/pasting files.
> I should point out that reactions to file cut/copy/paste are far from
> unanimous even for Eazel folks, for what that's worth. The only thing that's
> unanimous about it is that it won't be implemented for our first release.
> John
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