Updated gnome-font-install


I have hacked together a backbone for new fontmap generation tool for
gnome-print. It can be found in gnome/print/installer.

What has changed:
- fontmap format has changed (but gnome-print reads old format as well)
- it can now scan directories for afm and pfb files
- fonts are composed from separate afm+pfb files, trying to get one with
  highest meaningful version number

If you happen to have interesting type1 font collections, I'd be interested
to know, whether it can:
- Extract/build all font data correctly
- Generate best combination, if there are multiple afm/pfb
  files for same font.

Just get gnome-print CVS HEAD, compile, and run:

installer/gnome-font-install list_of your_font directories

It outputs xml to stdout, you can capture it and copy it to

Also, gnome-print checks now fontmap file timestamps runtime, and
rebuilds font listing, if fontmap is changed. It tested it with sodipodi
(had to make little change to destroy text edit dialog on close) and
it seemed to behave quite well.


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