ANNOUNCE: libglade 0.15

I have just released libglade 0.15, which is available from:

This is mainly a bug fix release.  Here is a list of some of the changes:
- many bug fixes and memory leak plugs (me, Morten, Federico, others)
- libglade now does `visible accel group' handling for
  GnomeDruids as well.
- Install pkg-config .pc files so that you can get libglade
  cflags and libs through the pkg-config system as well.  Due
  to a small bug in pkgconfig-0.4, these files cause a segfault :(
- Updated bonobo support (Michael)
- You now need to pass the --enable-bonobo flag to configure
  to build with bonobo support.
- small fix to headers so that they don't cause problems with
  the C++ compiler in RH7.0.


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