Re: ghttp and slash_applet

In message <39D88DD9 D83536F mandrakesoft com>, Renaud writes:

>I've looked at the source of the slashapp to understand why it
>can't retrieve news, and found out that it doesn't get a ghttp_done
>when using uri "";.

>Since libghttp is not very well documented, I can't find what
>parameters I could set to allow the request to handle this xml
>file. The status is ghttp_not_done with current settings.

>With an url pointing to an html file, the request ends correctly and
>the page data is retrieved.

>Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

I know that I complained loudly when the RDF was broken with the SlashBox
feature on SlashDot.  Perhaps when the GNOME RDF was fixed, slashapp wasn't
updated appropriately.


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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