API Docs?


I'm just getting into GNOME Application development, and would very much like
to get some API docs.  I wandered around the developer.gnome.org page, and
found exactly what I needed....  in HTML.

I then wandered around the CVS and found the devel-doc directory in
gnome-libs.  And once I got gtk-doc installed, I was able to generate the
libgnome API reference in Postscript using sgmltools and the instructions in
the CVS directory for the Gnome book.

However, after all that was said and done, I wasn't able to make Postscript
files out of the gnomeui directory.  It spat out a gob of errors like this:

WARNING: No declaration for: gnome_window_icon_init
WARNING: Parameter description missing in source code comment block -
         Func: gtk_dialog_cauldron Param: Varargs.

Only in far far greater numbers..  Trying to do 'sgmltools -b ps
gnomeui-docs.sgml' only serves to make more errors had have Tex error out on
me.  Anyone want to help me out here?  HTML API references just don't do it
for me, too many damn files to print..

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