gnome_popup_menu_do_popup ()

I want to create a popup menu that has 8 options. I want to have a
single callback that, depending on which option was chosen, does
something accordingly.

I am creating the menu:

       GnomeUIInfo popupZoomMenu[] = {
                {GNOME_APP_UI_ITEM, ZoomMagnLabels[0], NULL, 
                 zoom_callback, &temp[4] , NULL,

And calling the menu with:

                                                  NULL, NULL, event, ggv);

The problem is that the user value that callback receives is not the
one specified when I create the menu (e.g. temp[4]) but ggv, which
is the user data parameter to gnome_popup_menu_do_popup. temp[i]
contains data that allows me to know which option the user has

My question is: is there a way I can just have a single callback
function handle all the menu options? If so, how do I do it?

I know I could write a function for each one of them, but it sounds

Thanks for any help,

Daniel M. German                  "A first-rate laboratory is one in 
                                   which mediocre scientists can produce
   Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett ->outstanding work"
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