Re: libglade pixmaps

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, James Henstridge wrote:

> Put the pixmaps in the same directory as the .glade file.  In glade, you
> might want to set the pixmap directory to .
> James.

	Hrm... any chance that libglade could be updated to check the pixmap
directory in the glade file (perhaps in addition to, at least relative to)
the directory containing the .glade file sometime soon?

	The reason I last heard for this not being the case was that it was
probably best for the pixmap files and the .glade files to be distributed as
a package together.  While I agree that it often is best to distribute them
that way, I'd prefer to at least have the /option/ of selecting a different

	For example, suppose I install a program that uses libglade and
installs a glade file or two and several pixmaps in a read-only directory
(as is usually done).  Now suppose I copy and modify the glade file; should
I be required to copy or symlink the standard pixmaps into the directory
containing the .glade file?

	I ask because I've had to do that several times already.  Yes, it's
possible, and yes it's pretty simple, but it's rather inflexible and
annoying.  With my own projects, I'd often like to install the pixmaps into
the gnome pixmaps directory and the .glade files into a program-specific
directory; this is currently infeasible with libglade.

	For that matter, does libgnome allow one to specify a path to look
for image files yet?  I'd like it to look in /usr/share/<whatever>,
/usr/local/share/<whatever>, etc.  However, gnome will only look in
/usr/share/<whatever> and there's no way to change that anywhere.

Danke :-)
- Bibek

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