volume-control gui for esd

Howdy all,

	Attached is a teeny-tiny hacked-up program to control the volume of
streams in esd.  It's just a quick hack, leaving much to be desired... but
though it's not particularly pretty, it is about as functional as the
currently-implemented features in esound will allow.

	I think it will work on any platform which supports esound,
libglade, and gnome (and the gnome requirement could yet be removed easily),
but I make no promises that it will work anywhere at all.

	I suppose you could consider it public domain, or whatever licenses
the files allow; I haven't given much thought to the legal issues yet.

	The only reason I'm tossing this out now is because I'm out of time;
my time needs to go towards three papers and three tests I have this week,
not to mention groß Hausarbeiten in the coming weeks.  Which means -- you
guessed it -- I won't be touching this thing for a while, if ever again.  If
somebody wants to take the ball & run with it, it's all yours. :-)

	Supported features: reading stream information from esound server,
displaying volumes, setting volumes, [toggleable] locked motion.

- Bibek

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