Re: Proxy seetings and other desktop issues

Hassan Aurag wrote:
> All one has to do is to be able to catch all network calls (wrapping?)
> and handle them like Mozilla/helix-update do.
> This way more people where I work can be convinced of switching to
> Linux. For 90% of folks there, Unix means terminal, period. When they
> look at my desktop they envy me. Which means GNOME HACKERS did a great
> job. Now some polishing needs to be done and this proxy thinggy (or
> think of it as INTERNET SETTINGS a la Windows) is one of those little
> ugly details.
> Finally, if it's already been done by someone, then pardon my ignorance
> and point me to the solution.
> Thanks

This doesn't help you right now, but apps that use gnome-vfs, will
automatically use a proxy if set.  For example, Nautilus (including the
mozilla component).

The proxy setting is fetched using gconf:



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