Problems with .gnome-desktop and recursiveness.

We were backing up a users catalog by doing: 

scp -r username otherhost:~/Backup/

from the /home directory as we wanted the entire user directory.  As
there were a lot of Mb to backup we left it to finished and returned the
next day.

The next day we recieved an angry call from the administrator on the
other machine as the disc had been filled up entirely. As we looked we
quickly found out that due to the .gnome-desktop and it's link "Home
directory" the backup had looped over and over and copying all the
directories that scp handled before reaching .gnome-desktop again.

I'm not sure how serious this is nor how to fix it, but I thought it was
worth bringing it up so that you are aware of this.

Preben Randhol - Ph.D Student - []
          «Lykkelig er den som Musene har elsket.»    (Hesiod)

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