grdb capplet merged with theme switcher for gnome-1.4


I've merged the grdb capplet with the theme-switcher capplet,
as part of the plan for gnome-1.4.

The patch for control-center can be found at:

It was ~500 lines (mostly new files from the grdb capplet)
so I wasn't comfortable attaching it directly.

Its made against CVS head (control-center-1.3 stuff). If 
1.3 is not going to become 1.4, let me know which branch
to patch against.

Right now, the grdb stuff kind of sits beside what was there
before. I'm not real happy with that, but it works.

I'm willing to spend some time cleaning up the theme-switcher
and better integrating the grdb stuff, but I am moving at the
end of October and won't have much time for programming till
that is complete.

If you have any suggestions on the patch, please mail me.

For the curious, there's a screen-shot at

I should be set with CVS commit access soon and would like to
commit these changes this weekend. Let me know if the patch
looks OK.

Sam Hunter <shunter bigsky net>

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