Re: Calling gnome_url_show from a threaded program

Jeff Maki <jeffmaki home com> writes:
> I tried this, but it still doesn't work when the threads are enabled. I
> commented out the thread init/creation functions, and it works if I do that,
> but the minute any thread at all (remember, I'm not even calling this
> function from the thread! It's from the parent process!) is introduced in
> the program, the same problem occurs.
> Is there a GTK threadsafe form of system() (or similar) that I could use
> instead of gnome_url_show()?
> There really isn't *any* way to launch a shell from a threaded program, is
> there? Right now, I'd just skip the
> gnome_url_show() and force the user to use whatever browser I put in the
> command line, but I can't even
> use system()! I'm lost........

I'm not sure what happens when you fork/exec from a threaded
app. Someone who knows more about threads would have to say.


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