gnome-libs HEAD building


I'm trying to build gnome-libs HEAD so I can hack on it, but I'm having
some problems. (well, lots of problems actually, but this is one I can't
figure out how to solve:).

I've checked out, patched, compiled and installed (to a different
prefix) the million and one dependencies listed in
gnome-libs/README.HEAD. However, I'm still having problems with
gnome-libs' configure script.

Basically, configure is failing at the following line:

checking for pkg-config... /opt/gnome-devel-install-base/bin/pkg-config
checking for libraries... (gtk+-2.0)
configure: error: couldn't find information for package gtk+-2.0.
[lee slasher gnome-libs]$      

It seems that despite the fact I've installed pkg-config (0.3.5), it
doesn't actually know about the 2.0 libs I've installed. I have
/opt/gnome-devel-install-base/bin in my path, so I'd have thought it
would pick up on the gtk-config-2.0 script. Do I have to explicitly tell
pkg-config about it or am I going about this all wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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